The Conference Was Organised by AERA at NDRI, Karnal from Nov 15, 2018-Nov, 17, 2018.

The conference was organised by AERA at NDRI, Karnal from Nov 15, 2018-Nov, 17, 2018. We presented the paper titled-Regional dimensions and determinants of income diversification in rural India. The main objectives of the paper are: to examine the income sources or income diversification across households or regions; to identify push or pull factors underlying household's decisions to diversify.The study has examined the factors associated with income diversification by agricultural households in regional perspective. The findings suggest that agriculture remain a dominant income source for majority of agricultural households, wages and salaries comprise a significant proportion of income for relatively richer regions. Further, it has been found that low income, low diversification region prove the hypothesis that those who are at subsistence level do not diversify much. In low income, high diversification region, households are diversifying into low paid activities. In high income, high diversification region, comprising mostly of hill states with fragile ecologies, the households rely significantly on non-farm income sources. Finally Punjab and Kerala are well-off, and thus, specialise into few activities. Finally, diversification is more prevalent in regions characterised by greater production risks in agriculture. Regression results indicate that in the economically well-off states, households tend to specialise. Distress factors indicate that small land sizes, socially backward class, and male headed households diversify more. The results suggest that diversification is majorly distress induced and thus, region specific policies need to focus on creating on-farm and non-farm income opportunities.


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