New Stage of South Asian Agriculture and Rural Economies held on December 22-23, 2018 In Japan

Dr. Kamal Vatta and Ranjodh Singh from CIPT was invited by CSEAS, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan under the chairmanship of Professor Koichi Fujita from Kyoto University to present our research work in the Mid- term workshop under the title “New Stage of South Asian Agriculture and Rural Economies” held on December 22-23, 2018. There were total Fourteen attendees. Ten were the renowned Economists from different Universities/ Organizations of Japan viz. Koichi Fujita (Kyoto University), Akio Tanabe (The University of Tokyo), Michitoro Oka (Meji University), Takahiro Sato (Hirosaki University), Akihiko Ohno (Aoyamagakuin University), Yuko Tsujita (IDE- JETRO), Mineo Takada (Hiroshima Shudo University), Kazuya Wada (Kanazawa University), Yoshifumi Usami (The University of Tokyo) and Ayumu Konasukawa (Kyoto University). Including the two from CIPT, four Indians attended the workshop – namely, Dr Kamal Vatta and Ranjodh Singh (CIPT), Ramkumar Bendapudi (WOTR) and Parmeshwar Udmale (Kyoto University). Key words of the workshop were land, labour and water. Research work on six Indian states i.e. Punjab, Odisha, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Bihar and three other countries i.e. Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh were under discussion. Dr. Kamal Vatta and Ranjodh Singh from CIPT make acquainted with the initial findings from Punjab survey. In their presentation they highlighted the ongoing trend of land lease market in Punjab and also stressed on the mode of migration by Punjabis outside India. With a lot of learning this two day workshop was validated by Professor Koichi Fujita with a hope to endeavour more so as to achieve the objectives of society.


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