Dear Friend,

       We are inviting you to come together to confront problems we face today and evolve unique solutions. We need your support to help us in our efforts to work for change in policies and practices - about things that are becoming of increasing importance to all of us.

Water is a fundamental resource for our survival. However, we are facing numerous challenges when it comes to sustaining this precious but scarce resource of ours. Rapid extraction, unabated pollution and contamination of freshwater sources is a major problem.

All sectors – agriculture, industry and domestic need water for their survival and with the growth and development of our economy the pressure on water resource will increase.

Help us in our mission to save our water resources. We have seen that it is possible to address challenges of natural resource conservation through collective efforts.

We need the support of friends like you who believe that what we are doing is important; friends like you who can give us their encouragement, time and money to spread our message.

After 9 years of work in India, CIPT today is a vocal and respected institution in India. But the challenge of sustainable development is very big and growing: every day, every year. We are therefore, asking you to become a friend and supporter of CIPT. And without your support and sponsorship we will not be able to meet this challenge.

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