CIPT has been working on the impact assessment of the Better Cotton Initiative in collaboration with the World-Wide Fund since 2015. We started off with environmental impact and socio-economic impact of the better cotton initiative across several states. In 2017, we expanded our study and the data on crop yield, water usage, pesticide and fertilizer application, biodiversity etc. was collected with the help of questionnaires through focus group discussions and primary surveys of the farmers cultivating cotton under BCI, conventional and organic methods. The study was carried out in four states - Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Punjab.

Better Cotton Initiative has shown better water productivity (crop productivity per unit of water) by about 12% while organic cultivation has shown about 2% better water productivity when compared to the conventional cotton. BCI has worked even better than organic cotton when comes to water productivity and has shown around 7% better result as compared to organic cotton cultivation